How Now Shall We Live?

How now shall we live? What a challenging question. One that every thinking Christian is asking about their particular circumstance in our society’s current atmosphere of turmoil.

Many have written at length in attempting to answer the question “How now shall we live?” Scripture address the multiplicity of books. Ecclesiastes 12:12 tells us, “Of making many books there is no end, and much study is wearisome to the flesh” (KJV). Another version puts it this way, “There is no end of opinions ready to be expressed. Studying them can go on forever and become very exhausting!” Our Sunday evening study group went through Charles Colson’s book How Now Shall We Live? It was not an easy project for many of us. The worldview concepts presented are often quite involved. Mr. Colson presents them as plainly as possible with the idea that it is good to “know you enemy.” Mr. Colson concludes his book by answering the “so what?” question…what to do with what you’ve learned. It was a worthwhile study. But…

I keep going back to two basic passages in Scripture that directly address the subject: Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 and 1 Corinthians 10:31. The first addresses our personal responsibility regarding both our public and private actions. The second addresses our personal responsibility regarding how our actions affecting those around us. In both cases, the theme for each of us is to first consider what God would think of whatever action we are considering, great or small. Can it be as simple as that? Put God first? Consider God first? Look first to please the One who loves us and died for us? Consider first how our actions will affect our brothers and sisters in God’s family, and how God will view it? Consider first how our actions will effect our representation of Christ to the world? Do priorities really matter?

Yes! I truly believe the answer to the question “how now shall we live?” is as simple as this…put God first.

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3 Responses to How Now Shall We Live?

  1. Freedomborn says:

    Hi Pastor Hurley, I want to thank you and express my respect for you, my friend Karin who I met Blogging, right from the start showed a maturity in her understand of God’s Truth that is not always evident today and when I asked her why she believed the way she did she affirmed it was from sitting under your teaching. …You are indeed a good Sheppard and not just because I agree with you but because what you teach is confirmed in Scripture, thank you.

    Your statement …..Consider God first? Look first to please the One who loves us and died for us?

    Do we hurt the one we Love passionately, no it would grieve us greatly to see them suffer in anyway, could we willingly hurt God by choosing to disobey Him and then claim it is ok because He forgives us anyway. Love is not just a word it is an Action, Jesus said He Loved us and then He died for us.

    Thank you Pastor Hurley for the seeds you are planting they will bring much fruit because they are God’s Truth and that does not return to Him void.

    Christian Love Anne.

  2. Brian Hurley says:

    Sorry to be so long in making this reply. Have excuses and even a reason or two. It is good to “meet” you. Karin has made very glowing reports to me about you. Your are quite right, she has God given insight and just needed a little encouragement to put it into motion. And yes, as I have said many times, being a Christian is not a spectator sport. It requires action, action rooted in love for God. Our basic command is “Go”…go make disciples, baptize, and teach…all action. I agree completely.

  3. Freedomborn says:

    Hi Pastor Hurley thank you for joining up with us, we look forward to sharing with you more in the near future.

    I would like to offer you The King of Kings Award it’s more like a Blessing and some callit this, if you would like to you can just Click Like or leave a comment which I will respond to… we are family, we are one.

    Christian Love Anne.

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