It’s Not About You

One of the things about studying the Bible is that we have a tendency to inspect and dissect the details, many times to the point of absurdity. Now details are important, don’t get me wrong. But when we over emphasize the details we have a strong tendency to forget the big picture.

The big picture is that the Bible is a story about God, not about man. Too often in our day and down through the ages we learn of men and women who use the Bible as a means for personal advancement. Focusing on religion can do that. Even Paul had to contend with people who were profiting from religious activity. It’s not about us – you or me, it’s about God.

We love the Beatitudes. Jesus used them as the basis for His sermon describing the foundational characteristics of true believers and how those characteristics are seen in the lives of believers. They’re not a list of things to believe, but a description of how a true belief shows itself in the lives of believers. And it’s not a list of things to do either. Jesus is saying that if we truly believe in God, have the Holy Spirit dwelling within us through faith in His finished work on the cross, then this is what believers will look and act like as a natural result of that faith.

That said, even these characteristics, if not understood properly, can be used for selfishness. The key is a simple phrase found in Matthew 5:11, “…for my sake.” Those eight beautiful Be-attitudes are about Him, not you or me. When we try to make these characteristics appear in our lives by our own strength we’re making them about us. When we allow the Holy Spirit to develop these characteristics in us and give God the glory for it, then it becomes about Him.

 Something to think about – who or what is your life about?

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8 Responses to It’s Not About You

  1. So True Brian we cannot be God, I’m going to Post about this Truth soon but wondered if you would mind checking through my message first, I would value your input , perhaps I need to enlarge or clarify things better being Dyslectic it flows for me but may not for others, if you haven’t got the time I will understand.

    Satan’s lie to Eve was not about knowing God but being God, that was what he wanted, to have God’s glory and the worship of Mankind, Satan cannot give life, only corrupt it. God cannot create evil, all good things come from Him.

    God created Satan as an Angle with power to help mankind, like the Arch Angel Michael, God always Hopes, always Trusts but also knows the reality of all things. Satan became proud and used his power instead for evil, the absence of Love is evil. If we continue to choose to sin by disobeying God, not man’s legalism, which is bondage, we die spiritually, no goodness remains in us .

    Through Satan’s deception of Eve, causing the fall of man, he won the control of the world. Eve was deceived but Adam chose to sin, he did what Eve asked knowing God had forbidden them to do so, his fear of loosing her was greater than his willingness to obey God, he put Eve first and she had tempted Adam to sin, so they than both knew fear, disobedience brings fleshy fear of God, obedience respect for Him.

    We know that God knows the beginning to the end, some ask, why then did God create Satan knowing what he would do, God also knew that He would send Jesus to set man free and the good out weighed the bad and even before Jesus died for us, those who chose to obey God were covered by His promise of redemption.

    Mankind must choose freely to Love and obey their Creator but if there is no alternative than there is no choice, they are just puppets, God wants willing hearts. Satan and all the Angles had free choice to obey or to rebel.

    In Christ Jesus we have the power to obey , no Temptation is greater then we can bear, when we choose to obey, Jesus gives us His strength to resist sin by the empowering of The Holy Spirit, when we are perfected in Love we cannot sin, we have God’s seed or nature and the mind of Christ (1John 3:9) so we do not choose to sin either, our flesh that causes us to sin, has been put to death by The Spirit. (Romans 8 :12-15)

    So why did God create us, He was Compleat in The Godhead, He didn’t need us but we need to Love, obey and worship Him to be compleate. God chose to need us, He wanted our Love and Friendship and Like a earthly Father who Loves his children, God Loves us but His Love is greater, it is complete, it has no flaw and when we are perfected in Love we have His Love untainted by fleshy earthly lusts.

    Are we important, God tells us to Him we are of great value and He showed it by sending His beloved Son who because they are One, was in essence Him in the flesh, He felt our pain, He understood our confusion, what Jesus experienced broke His heart but it was the only way, our value to Him was beyond earthly reckoning, the measure He uses is calculated in Love, His Love, He is Love.

    John 3:16 For God Loved the world so much -That’s you and me! – John 3:18- 21 Do we Love Him!

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

  2. Please forgive me for the use of your Christian name Pastor Brian without reference to your position in The Body of Christ and also without your consent to use your Christian name alone.

    Blessings – Anne

    • Brian Hurley says:

      No problem Anne. If that’s all I have to forgive you about, we’re in good shape. LOL! I just go home from a long day. I’ll look over what you left and get back to you soonest. Blessings back at you. Brian

  3. Perhaps Pastor Brian you would be kind enough to tell me what else you feel you have to forgive me for , have I hurt you in anyway, if so, it was not intentional, as far as I know, I have only ever shared God’s Truth with His confirmation of Scripture with you and others and also been honest about my own experiences and how God has intervened and blessed me in my life but if you think differentially please let me know .

    Blessings – Anne

  4. Wow I think I better leave answering with comments till later, I read you wrong for sure, sorry Pastor Brian, I’m very worried about our Monty , I will wait to hear from you after you have rested.

    Christian Love – Anne

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